Poor Mr. President is Dismayed

Oh dear me, I heard on CNN  that Mr. President Obama is ‘dismayed’ with the tone of the Republican Presidential campaign. How sad. I hope this doesn’t spoil his fun in Cuba.

Back in the USA, I’m feeling rather dismayed myself. I’ve put up with the current administration for nearly 8 years, having to sit and watch Obama’s globalist agenda nearly bring America to ruination. Let me see now: One World Order, isn’t it? Oh, and nice job of alienating our former friend Israel, trying to push wealth re-distribution, making nuclear weapon deals with evil countries, refusing to acknowledge and name radical islam terrorist attacks,taking forever to begrudgingly call out Christian atrocities as genocide, creating Obamacare, on and on I could go.

And poor Mr. President, the most defiantly partisan POTUS in recent history, is critical of candidate Trump? Donald J Trump is speaking plain language, a bit salty at times, but has America’s best interest at heart. Trump has a pretty nice life without having POTUS added to his resume. Living in the White House and spending weekends at Camp David would be a bit of a step-down for him, don’t you think? He wants to make our country strong and great again and I feel he can and will. I thank God above for creating and giving him the talents and skills needed for the job. Now we just have to help him get elected, despite the pundits, protestors, defiant delegates, GOP hard-line establishment and who know what else that tries to get in his way.

Go ahead and be dismayed Mr. President. You’ve had your turn. It’s our turn now to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.



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