To Brussels with Love, To US Voters with Urgency

To Brussels, we send our love, mixed with sorrow and prayers for your strength and ultimate safety.

To US voters, I send an urgent plea for your support of a new POTUS who has the vision, guts and strategy to dismantle evil and terrorist acts by Radical Islamic groups and individuals.

To my estimation, that person is Donald J Trump. Do you who have labeled him and his supporters as being racist still feel that way today? Can you understand why he seeks to put a temporary ban on Muslims and other suspicious groups entering the US until we can figure out what’s going on and get some control over a threatening situation? I have Muslim friends who get that, why can’t you? Isn’t it obvious?

Do you secure your home and car, buy insurance to protect against unforeseen tragedy, keep clean clothes in the bedroom ready for the future? Sure you do. You take care of yourself and your family, property. That’s what Trump want to do for our country in building a wall along the border and putting restrictions and bans on immigration, and he doesn’t have to play nice about it.

For a lady who wasn’t born yesterday, I can outrun most people, lift heavy weights and shoot a semiautomatic handgun pretty well, but I’m no match for a terrorist. Neither are you friend. Stop swooning and finger-pointing at those of us who want our country to be strong and safe. If it takes calling out Muslims ( even though we know many that are good, wonderful people) because there are lots and lots of them who seek caliphate and harm to America), so be it.

Maybe you have a great desire to see a woman as President. I’d like to see one in my lifetime, but not the one who is running now. Forget the potential indictment, which is bad enough, and think about what she did in Libya. Think about Benghazi,  the abandonment of our Ambassador and contractors he worked with, his brutal torture and murder, think of Susan Rice and her false talking points on the Sunday talk shows, think of the lies Miss Hillary told the families. Think of how weak and vulnerable our country will be under her as President.

Of perhaps you have a fondness for Mr. Bernie, a cool guy and pretty admirable for keeping it going at age 74. Have you forgotten that our founding fathers set us up as a Democracy and One Nation Under GOD?  Isn’t Bernie an atheist, not to mention a socialist? Are you sane?

Your other choices on the GOP side are Mr. Phony Bible-thump-er and Mr. Nice Guy with a bad Temper. Not to mention, I have serious doubts either can defeat Miss H.

Look at what’s happening in the world. Mr. President O says America is great now. It isn’t, it’s weak and vulnerable. Does you heart break and ache for Brussels? Do you remember Sept 11 in our own country? Do you feel an urgency to do something and keep the US safe? Then get out and vote for Trump. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain






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