Excuses, Exceptions, FoxTrots and Tango

Excuses:  “It wasn’t me”, says POTUS candidate Phony Bible-thump-er. Of course, not, it wasn’t you who ran an ad of Melania Knauss, semi-nude as part of an anti-Trump campaign, it was (your) an anti-trump, anyone-but-trump Super-PAC, right? We’re not fooled, Cruz, the lines between you and (your) that Super-PAC are pretty blurry. I haven’t heard you denouncing the Super-PAC ad either. Why don’t you take responsibility? Oh, that’s right, you’re the one who thinks it’s okay to use your own children in campaign ads. Right.


Exceptions:  Brussels is a great place, except the Belgian government admitted in November 2015 it had lost control of Mulenbeek and other No-Go Zones.   So, now they are mad at Donald Trump who described them as ‘formerly beautiful but has become a cesspool’  January 2016. Except for your out-of-control No-Go zones, you’re just great!  I finally found something to agree with Phony Bible-thump-er on, as he made a push yesterday for the US to become proactive and begin to patrol some our Muslim communities. Brussels and other parts of Europe who allow No-Go Zones have to stop making exceptions and take responsibility for allowing terrorism to grow.


FoxTrots: Meanwhile, Fox News continues its campaign to stop Donald Trump. They failed with their obvious ploy to push Rubio and are now on a mission to bash Trump every chance they get (except on Hannity and Outnumbered programs). Shep Smith is just about busting his huge forehead wide open to find opportunities to destroy Trump’s reputation every chance he gets. Today he described a new ISIS propaganda video that named Trump in it. Thanks Shep, you just helped Trump greatly. You don’t see Obama or Clinton mentioned in these videos, do you? That’s because ISIS laughs at them. But ISIS is afraid of Trump. That should tell you something. He will be a strong leader who doesn’t need to be loved.

Tango: and while all of this goes on, our supreme leader O courts the communists in Cuba and dances the tango in Argentina.



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