American Hunger for the Might of Hungary

I’m hungry. In fact, I’m starving…for new leadership in America. Our country needs a strong leader, someone who can stand up to evil and put our national safety  on the front burner. Someone who speaks clearly about the realities of threats to our nation. Someone like Sir Winston Churchill, a clear orator and brave man who brought strength and hope to his  country in crisis. Leaders like that don’t seem to be around anymore , except that one exists in Hungary : Prime Minister Viktor Orban.  The man is inspiring and probably one of the last remaining hopes for Europe, before it falls into the “One World Order” pit .

PM Orban spoke to his people on March 15, the Hungarian National Holiday, setting the tone that nations who wish to remain sovereign must adopt. With a stirring “It is forbidden” repeated in various statements of warning to Hungarian citizens, Orban spoke against those who lecture and accuse them, and for the truth about (the dangers of) political correctness.He rang the warning bell about threats of mass migration of people who do not wish to adopt Hungary’s  way of life. He called out those who wish to re-draw the religious and  cultural map of his nation, shaping it into their own image. He reminded listeners that Hungary has a long history of welcoming those who wish to assimilate into their national system but not those who would occupy their territory and claim a stake in changing it. “Soon we would be forced to pack up and leave our land”, he promised.

This can happen in America too.  We need to ignore the establishment who have failed us and vote for someone who is not ashamed of America, who does not apologize for American way of life and who does not speak the language of political correctness. We need someone with Judaeo-Christian values. That’s right, I said it.

Hungary is very conscious about securing its borders with a fence, protecting its way of life and not feeling bad about that. Hungary’s Prime Minister does not want his country to be like Belgium. Orban feels there should be “no urban districts that are beyond scrutiny of the law”. Wow, doesn’t that make obvious sense?  Mr. (Cruz) Phony-bible-thump-er thinks so and I (gulp) agree with him. Trump wants to physically secure our borders  and ban immigrants who may be a threat, yet he and his supporters like me are labeled ‘fascists’.

At this point, America is about to crumble into weakness if we, the voting public, do not elect the right leader to be POTUS. And we must demand that the delegates do their duty and pledge to support the will of the American people.

I envy Hungary for having such an admirable Prime Minister. And I’m still very very hungry to see American become strong and GREAT again.  Oh, and please spare me the ‘racist’/’authoritarian’/’fear-monger’ rhetoric for which, …..I have no appetite.





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