There’s No Abiding Biden!

I cannot abide Joe Biden. The Obama administration continues it pattern of throwing Israel under the bus and VP No’Abidin-Biden served the latest punch April 18, with his ‘overwhelming frustration’ remarks directed at Netanyahu.


Hey Biden…………..shut up. And, nice jab at upcoming Passover season. Jerk.


I find this whole land conflict between Israel and Palestine very complicated, yet so simple. Just look in the Bible. God made a promise to Abram (yes, I know it’s Abraham) and his offspring. Many say this only applies to Issac.I don’t know about that. It may also apply to his offspring via Ishmael.


The Bible is clear that Israel should ultimately occupy land from the Nile to the Euphrates Rivers (Egypt–Iraq). Yep, I realize this includes Jordan but it wasn’t my plan, man.


So, Mr. Biden, why don’t you just step aside, close your trap and let things play out according to God’s plan. How about that? I used to believe in the concept of 2 separate states, but the more I read the Bible, it seems to me that Israel is entitled to the entire geographic region, according to God’s promise to Abram and his descendants.. If this includes Ishmael, then all of these peoples should occupy Israel. And they should co-exist. One country, Israel, filled with Jews, Palestinians, others.


Except that Palestine feels Israel does not have the right to exist. Here is where things get complicated. If the Palestinians do not acknowledge God’s plan in the Bible, they will need to prepare for consequences. If Mr. Netanyahu feels entitled to occupy lands and territory described in the Bible intended for Israel, then we, as American allies, should support him. And many of us do.


The United States of America is ‘one nation under God’. We believe in God. God’s word is found in the Bible and his covenant to Abram is in the Old Testament.  Maybe more issues would be simplified if we looked to God’s word for guidance.

Mr. Netanyahu, please ignore our ridiculous Vice President and his ever-irritating, pompous remarks. God Bless the nation of Israel.


Now, if I can just manage to abide 8 more months of Barry O and Joe…….. Oy vey!






A Dry Day at the CIA

Do you like martinis? Man, I sure do. And not those silly ones with chocolate and fruit, but a real honest-to-goodness straight-up martini using top shelf gin, with queen olives, and dry.


How do you like waterboarding? Wet or dry? The fruity CIA Chief Mr. Brennan likes his dry.


I wonder how terror suspects like their waterboarding? I just bet they like theirs dry too.


We wouldn’t want them to be too uncomfortable. And, golly we sure wouldn’t want the American people to be deeply shocked by any harsh enhanced interrogation practices, no. And, golly gee whiz, we can’t upset the human rights folk who feel that rectal ‘irrigation’ (and who doesn’t love a good enema?) is a form of sexual assault. After all, why should we add to the emotional trauma Americans have suffered at the hands of terrorists already?

I wonder what the dear parents and family of the brave and wonderful James Foley think about Mr. Brennan’s wishes. Please.


Come on, isn’t this insane? Shouldn’t our agencies be free to use uncomfortable and even tortuous techniques to obtain information to prevent harm to others and protect our way of life?


Dear me. I’m not a violent gal, but I want these monsters stopped and I expect the CIA to do everything reasonable to ensure this. Sitting home watching horrific things on TV, watching the towers fall on 9-11-01 from a lookout in Atlantic Highlands and being helpless to do anything, knowing that innocent Christians are having their heads sliced off and being drowned in metal cages and still helpless to stop it is a form (a much lesser form) of torture for people like me who care about freedom and God-given liberty.


I hope our new POTUS will fire the CIA Director if he persists in refusing to use waterboarding. I hope his replacement will order huge quantities of Trump water to use in the procedure. If the CIA prefers things dry, I will gladly donate a used Physical Therapy high volt galvanic electrical stimulation unit, which, used with DRY electrodes, will get the job done.


May God Bless the United States of America. Protect our military. Protect our journalists in harms way, and all those who seek to expose the truth and stand firm for our democracy and freedom. Mercy and protection to those who stand firm for Jesus Christ, in the face of death by Islamic extremist terrorists.



Cheese Whiz, Bloody Mary’s & Bear Fights

Does it make one a sore loser if the fight lost has been unfair? I think not.

I like a good fight as much as the next (menopausal) person, as long as the game is played fairly on both sides. A fight like that is never lost in vain and always worth the challenge.

What happened during the past 2 weeks and ended last night in the great State of Cheese Whiz was a slam-dunk, for Mr.Phony-bible-thump-er. I doubt that Muhammad Ali could have pulled off a win against the shameful shenanigans of Gov Walker (a sore loser of the highest order), Wisconsin Conservative (hostile) Talk radio and who knows what else. Trump didn’t stand a chance yet he managed to pull off some respectable percentages.

Now let’s not forget Fox’s beloved Bloody Mary- Meggy Kelly, named so not for her menstrual cycle, but for being a blood thirsty revenge-seeking journalist trying to morph into the late great David Bowie  She and her buddy at Fox Brett Bear (yeah, I know that’s not how you spell his last name), started the whole ridiculous war last August in the first Fox GOP (second-rate) debate. And, no, it wasn’t Bloody Mary-Meggy Kelly’s crass ‘anti-woman’ question spewed at Trump, it was the very first one by Brett Bear. Remember that? It went something like this:  “Here’s a hand-raising question for the candidates. Is there anyone on stage who is unwilling to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person?” What kind of stupid question is that? From that point, I became unwilling to watch Fox (except for Outnumbered, Greta and Sean H).

Have I convinced you that the fight is unfair? If not, think about Mr. Case-Itch. WHY IS HE STILL IN THE RACE? Golly, I wonder if it doesn’t have a little something to do with the GOP and its leader Rinse Pubis. While anyone who passed fourth grade math can see the obvious impossibility of reaching the delegate magic number, Case-Itch hangs around because he is probably ($$$) backed behind the curtain to stay in and force a contested convention.

Am I a genius? Hardly, I’m a natural blonde., but one who knows an unfair fight when she sees one.


What (Real) Women Really Want

Do you want to know what real women really want? They want real men.

I’m referring to men who state their beliefs simply and honestly, without regard for political correctness. These men believe in security for those they love, protecting their family and country.

Though the mainstream media and pundits are on a mission to convince you that Donald J Trump has high unfavorability among women, it isn’t true. Millions of American  women hold high regard for Mr. Trump and his plans to restore strength and security to our country, protect and support our allies and destroy radical Islamic terrorist groups. But how does he feel about abortion?


The truth is, I really don’t care. This is an individual matter, a deeply personal and moral issue, and one that has been handled in a legal context by the SCOTUS many years ago.  And now that a progressive journalist with an anti-Trump agenda seized an opportunity to trap Trump the other night in a Town Hall (more like a city hole, if you ask me), all heck has broken loose. Now, did you all hear the question? If abortion were illegal……etc and Trump answered correctly within the correct context of the question, yet the mania over this continues. When someone does something illegal, they are usually punished. Oh, unless you are an ‘undocumented’ immigrant…but I digress.


Back to what real women want: we don’t need a nice guy to run our country, which holds true for a female leader too. We want a real and authentic person. Now, everyone thought Mitt Romney was a nice guy, but he was too nice in the gentle approach to his dismal losing presidential campaign. Then a few weeks ago, he turned into a not-so-nice turncoat lunatic preaching to his cult followers. Phony. Then we had nice, sweet Lindsey Graham who criticized Trump for profanity then told him on national television to go to hell. Sweet man, phony and weak. Yesterday we heard warnings from Mr. Nice-Guy-With-A really really Bad Temper, Case-Itch, that Donald Trump is not prepared to be our next President. Well, if you dig a bit you will find out that this man has a history of meanness and a vile temper which makes me pretty uneasy about him having a finger close to the button. Nice on the outside, volatile on the inside. Not real.


Now, that brings me to Mr. Phony-Bible-Thump-er. Wow, here is a nice guy who lies, steals votes, tells his staffers to ignore unscrupulous tactics because he is a noble man of god, refuses to denounce the posting of a revealing photo of Melania (nee) Knauss then cries like a cry-baby when Trump posts a picture of ‘the Heidi’.


But perhaps my very favorite example is Mr. Rinse Pubis, GOP chair, who strong-armed Trump to sign a loyalty pledge then stands by while the establishment joins forces behind the scenes to bring him down, refuses to support him if he is the final nominee. This guy is not to be trusted and does not care about the will of the voting public.

These are not what women want, friends. We want real, honest people, who may not always say the perfect thing, and might now know everything on the first day 0f the job, but who have America’s best interest in their heart, and will surround themselves with those experts who can correctly advise.


Oh, and that means we don’t want Hillary. Not because she is a woman, but because she is deceitful and likely a criminal.