Cheese Whiz, Bloody Mary’s & Bear Fights

Does it make one a sore loser if the fight lost has been unfair? I think not.

I like a good fight as much as the next (menopausal) person, as long as the game is played fairly on both sides. A fight like that is never lost in vain and always worth the challenge.

What happened during the past 2 weeks and ended last night in the great State of Cheese Whiz was a slam-dunk, for Mr.Phony-bible-thump-er. I doubt that Muhammad Ali could have pulled off a win against the shameful shenanigans of Gov Walker (a sore loser of the highest order), Wisconsin Conservative (hostile) Talk radio and who knows what else. Trump didn’t stand a chance yet he managed to pull off some respectable percentages.

Now let’s not forget Fox’s beloved Bloody Mary- Meggy Kelly, named so not for her menstrual cycle, but for being a blood thirsty revenge-seeking journalist trying to morph into the late great David Bowie  She and her buddy at Fox Brett Bear (yeah, I know that’s not how you spell his last name), started the whole ridiculous war last August in the first Fox GOP (second-rate) debate. And, no, it wasn’t Bloody Mary-Meggy Kelly’s crass ‘anti-woman’ question spewed at Trump, it was the very first one by Brett Bear. Remember that? It went something like this:  “Here’s a hand-raising question for the candidates. Is there anyone on stage who is unwilling to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person?” What kind of stupid question is that? From that point, I became unwilling to watch Fox (except for Outnumbered, Greta and Sean H).

Have I convinced you that the fight is unfair? If not, think about Mr. Case-Itch. WHY IS HE STILL IN THE RACE? Golly, I wonder if it doesn’t have a little something to do with the GOP and its leader Rinse Pubis. While anyone who passed fourth grade math can see the obvious impossibility of reaching the delegate magic number, Case-Itch hangs around because he is probably ($$$) backed behind the curtain to stay in and force a contested convention.

Am I a genius? Hardly, I’m a natural blonde., but one who knows an unfair fight when she sees one.



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