A Dry Day at the CIA

Do you like martinis? Man, I sure do. And not those silly ones with chocolate and fruit, but a real honest-to-goodness straight-up martini using top shelf gin, with queen olives, and dry.


How do you like waterboarding? Wet or dry? The fruity CIA Chief Mr. Brennan likes his dry.


I wonder how terror suspects like their waterboarding? I just bet they like theirs dry too.


We wouldn’t want them to be too uncomfortable. And, golly we sure wouldn’t want the American people to be deeply shocked by any harsh enhanced interrogation practices, no. And, golly gee whiz, we can’t upset the human rights folk who feel that rectal ‘irrigation’ (and who doesn’t love a good enema?) is a form of sexual assault. After all, why should we add to the emotional trauma Americans have suffered at the hands of terrorists already?

I wonder what the dear parents and family of the brave and wonderful James Foley think about Mr. Brennan’s wishes. Please.


Come on, isn’t this insane? Shouldn’t our agencies be free to use uncomfortable and even tortuous techniques to obtain information to prevent harm to others and protect our way of life?


Dear me. I’m not a violent gal, but I want these monsters stopped and I expect the CIA to do everything reasonable to ensure this. Sitting home watching horrific things on TV, watching the towers fall on 9-11-01 from a lookout in Atlantic Highlands and being helpless to do anything, knowing that innocent Christians are having their heads sliced off and being drowned in metal cages and still helpless to stop it is a form (a much lesser form) of torture for people like me who care about freedom and God-given liberty.


I hope our new POTUS will fire the CIA Director if he persists in refusing to use waterboarding. I hope his replacement will order huge quantities of Trump water to use in the procedure. If the CIA prefers things dry, I will gladly donate a used Physical Therapy high volt galvanic electrical stimulation unit, which, used with DRY electrodes, will get the job done.


May God Bless the United States of America. Protect our military. Protect our journalists in harms way, and all those who seek to expose the truth and stand firm for our democracy and freedom. Mercy and protection to those who stand firm for Jesus Christ, in the face of death by Islamic extremist terrorists.




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