There’s No Abiding Biden!

I cannot abide Joe Biden. The Obama administration continues it pattern of throwing Israel under the bus and VP No’Abidin-Biden served the latest punch April 18, with his ‘overwhelming frustration’ remarks directed at Netanyahu.


Hey Biden…………..shut up. And, nice jab at upcoming Passover season. Jerk.


I find this whole land conflict between Israel and Palestine very complicated, yet so simple. Just look in the Bible. God made a promise to Abram (yes, I know it’s Abraham) and his offspring. Many say this only applies to Issac.I don’t know about that. It may also apply to his offspring via Ishmael.


The Bible is clear that Israel should ultimately occupy land from the Nile to the Euphrates Rivers (Egypt–Iraq). Yep, I realize this includes Jordan but it wasn’t my plan, man.


So, Mr. Biden, why don’t you just step aside, close your trap and let things play out according to God’s plan. How about that? I used to believe in the concept of 2 separate states, but the more I read the Bible, it seems to me that Israel is entitled to the entire geographic region, according to God’s promise to Abram and his descendants.. If this includes Ishmael, then all of these peoples should occupy Israel. And they should co-exist. One country, Israel, filled with Jews, Palestinians, others.


Except that Palestine feels Israel does not have the right to exist. Here is where things get complicated. If the Palestinians do not acknowledge God’s plan in the Bible, they will need to prepare for consequences. If Mr. Netanyahu feels entitled to occupy lands and territory described in the Bible intended for Israel, then we, as American allies, should support him. And many of us do.


The United States of America is ‘one nation under God’. We believe in God. God’s word is found in the Bible and his covenant to Abram is in the Old Testament.  Maybe more issues would be simplified if we looked to God’s word for guidance.

Mr. Netanyahu, please ignore our ridiculous Vice President and his ever-irritating, pompous remarks. God Bless the nation of Israel.


Now, if I can just manage to abide 8 more months of Barry O and Joe…….. Oy vey!






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