Selective Censorship When They Can’t Handle the Truth

“You can’t HANDLE the truth!” Remember that great line expertly delivered by Jack Nicholson in the movie A Few Good Men? It was an awesome moment. It translates from Hollywood easily into our daily network news organizations too.


Take Fox News: here is public display of selective censorship, when the higher-ups can’t handle the truth from some of their pundits. The latest fallout: the lovely, bright and talented Andrea Tantaros, host of Outnumbered. Dang, they suspended her suddenly last week and she was the best part of the show! Why? Don’t buy the hype about contract disputes, it’s pretty obvious that it’s about her plain speech, pro-Trump. Oh, and she said a few great zingers about Obama too. On Fox, it’s NOT OKAY to like Trump, unless you’re Hannity or Van Susteren, each of whom own their brand and have staying power. Otherwise, Fox is still reeling from their failed push to elect Rubio, so anyone other than Sean and Greta, is going south if they speak in favor of Trump. It’s okay to censor Tantaros you see, but fine to let the androgenous, liberal -leaning, David Bowie- wanna- be- Trump hater Missy Missy Meggy Kelly have free reign of speech. It’s selective censorship.


Now, over on CNN they have the same thing going on: no one is allowed more freedom to rant ‘anti-Trump’ than my favorite radical, Czar-not Star-Van Jones. Whew! Watching this guy is pretty entertaining! Remember when Obama made him the ‘Green Jobs Czar’? That didn’t last long. This guy is a bomb ready to explode and CNN lets him go full-tilt. The best was a few weeks ago when he was arguing with Jeffrey Lord over which party is stoking racial tensions. Whoa, Van surely cannot handle that truth! He was literally losing it and actually put his hand on Lord’s shoulder, a very aggressive move. Well, Lord was the better man and ignored it. Don’t EVER put a hand on me Van.


If you’re pro-Trump, you get censored.  If you’re anti-Trump, the sky’s the limit. Selective censorship.


Now back to Fox, the best place to be if you’re pro-Trump  and don’t wish to be axed, is the play-it-safe-zone that Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee and Rudy Guilliani have placed themselves in. (‘we aren’t endorsing him but we sure like him’).

Finally, there is our Speaker Paul Ryan. He is selectively censoring himself: “I’m not there right now”. Isn’t that convenient? It’s one thing to be controlled by a network news organization that holds your contract, but here’s an elected guy who works for the American people!


You watch, the Megyn/Meghan’s (Kelly/McCain) of Fox world and the Radical Jones of CNN will be allowed free speech, but Ms. Tantaros gets the sack…..but in the end Andrea will land on a higher place. She is the author of a new book and that is a place where you can’t be censored!


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