Stupid is…as Stupid Does…per Forrest Gump

Mayors of London and Paris, Sadiq Khan and Ann Hildago, have decided together, as the arrogant elitists they are, that Donald J. Trump is stupid. “He is so stupid, my God”, says Hildago. I guess her mother never taught her that taking the Lord’s name in vain is pretty STUPID.

Let me tell Mayor Hildago what is STUPID: Charlie Hebdo making fun of Muhammad. Gee, why did the terrorists attack? Free speech is a double-edged sword and I guess Paris found out what edge of the sword they fell on. I abhor what the terrorists did and hope God deals with them justly, but why provoke in such a way this satirical weekly chose to? Just plain stupid. There are good people who follow Muhammad, though I am surely not one. Frankly, I have no respect whatsoever for Muhammad–he did not lay down his life for me, a sinner, nor was he a peace-loving guy as my dear Savior, Jesus . But to mock him with cartoons, insult his followers…STUPID.

Here is something  else that is really STUPID: allowing No-Go Zones in Paris and other European cities. STUPID.

So here is a news flash for these 2 new mayors who are so full of themselves: Donald J Trump is more successful than both of you put together, plus all of your ancestors. And, he is not STUPID. He is a Nationalist, and a supporter of the Republic for which the USA stands. Maybe these mayors will get it when they see our country regain its foothold after the near destruction of Obama’s ideology. We do not want to be part of your ONE WORLD ORDER, Europe! We are the USA, willing to participate in God’s created earth, but prepared to take care of ourselves and defend our values first. We already won our independence from England and we’ve helped the French in their times of need and surely will again, but we do not need lessons from your mayors. Watch us elect a President, Donald J. Trump, who is smart, savvy and for America first.

Keep criticizing our nominee and watch American tourism diminish in your respective cities. Add that to your box of chocolates!



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