Memorial Day 101

It gets a little confusing, doesn’t it? Veterans Day, Memorial Day, one in the spring, the other in the fall and not always sure what the difference is. Does it matter anyway?


It matters plenty to everyone who loves America and feels a debt of gratitude to those who serve our country in the Armed Forces.


Memorial Day is a national holiday set aside to honor deceased members of the US Armed Forces. Not dead veterans but those who died while serving our country in active duty.  Originally it was called Decoration Day, established in the year 1868 and the month of May chosen for it as flowers grow abundantly in all parts of the US then. The idea was to place flowers on the graves of the war dead.


Here is another thought: this can include not just humans but animals who served in our wars. There were many from horses, to elephants, dogs, birds, etc.


Take some time this Monday, May 30, to remember and honor those who lost their lives for ours. Try to imagine the bravery, mental and physical toughness, focus and concentration these folks had to summon. Lives abruptly ended, most in their youth. Parents, sweethearts, friends left behind.


I am a pretty steely gal, but doubt I have one tenth of what it took for these men and women to serve and be willing to give everything for our freedom.


Moving on to November 11, Veterans Day, we continue to honor those who have served our country but are still living as well as those who died as veterans, after their active duty ended. This holiday originally began as Armistice Day.


If readers have a different understanding of these two holidays, I welcome corrections and clarifications in the comment section.  Thanks to the troops and their families and may God continue to Bless America.



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