We’ve Been Obam-admonished Again!

Oh dear, did you see it on the press conference the other day? The one about the Orlando shootings? Our dad is really mad this time.


Dad/Mr. President was wearing that look on his face: the thin lips pressed together and spread out in a straight line, the furrowed brows, and fury in his eyes and…my personal favorite…..the blinking. A hard stare with those hard lips and silence while blinking, blinking, blinking, blinking away. Tick tock tick tock, winkin, blinkin and …bomb! The silence stops and the speaking begins and,oh, no,  we’ve been Obam-admonished once again!


Why, you ask? Because it’s our fault the folks in Orlando were shot. We are the mean American people who allowed this to happen. We’ve been really bad peeps this time. Right?


We are not to blame. If we need to attach blame, let’s pin it on: Satan, the shooter, maybe his wife, maybe his dad, ISIS, fundamental Islamic belief that homosexuality should be punished, our current administration’s inept job of fighting ISIS, ISIL, radical Islamic terrorism, etc. And while we’re at it, I do think it is important to correctly name and identify what type of group of terrorists we are facing, to correctly and precisely solve the problem.


Are guns the problem?  No way. Don’t even get me started.

Here are the takeaways, from my perspective:


  1. Live in a state of grace. Have a relationship with god and accept Jesus as your lord and savior. Whatever happens, you will be saved from your sin through Jesus’ sacrifice. OK, if you’re Buddhist, Muslim, or of another faith I have to ask: did your Buddha, Mohamed or whomever the central figurehead is, give up his or her life for your sins?
  2. Avoid risky places and activity. Yes, I think being in a nightclub at 2:00am does nothing good for the body, mind and soul. I don’t care what type of nightclub it is. It happened to be a gay club. I’m not going to  make judgements on being gay. That is an individual thing between a person and God. If you like to attend clubs, movie theaters, public events, make sure there are good safety screeners and detectors.
  3. Acknowledge that the world is a dangerous place. We are ultimately responsible for our own safety and protection. We cannot rely on the government, the military and the police to come to our immediate aide at any given moment.
  4. Exercise your Second Amendment rights. Apply for a firearm permit if you are lawfully permitted to have one. Get one and learn to use if safely and responsibly. Keep it in your home or on your person according to the laws. Be armed and ready to protect yourself and your loved ones.
  5. Do not accept the President’s scorn, petulance and admonishment.
  6.  Pray.

God Bless the USA.