Jive (or is it’Jibe”) Talkin, He’s Telling you Lies

The Brothers Gibb, commonly known as the Bee Gees, released a record called “Jive Talkin” in 1975. Years later, on July 22, 2016, President Obama produced something similar. You know the talking point, remember? It went like this:” Donald J Trump’s vision for America doesn’t jive with reality”.

Without having to wait 41 years for more jive talkin’, mere minutes after the words left Obama’s lips, news of a terrorist gunman killing innocent people in Munich broke. Within days, before and after the Obama jive talk there were police killings in many cities.

So here are the facts of America’s reality: our country isn’t safe, our borders are dangerously unprotected, our military has been drained, jobs have left the US, our schools in the public sector push dangerous liberal agendas, our police are being targeted and killed, our economy has a miserable 1% job growth rate, Christian persecution in other countries is ignored, on and on and on.

In truth, Donald Trump’s assessment of the current state of America, as well as knowing the vision of a globalist weak America held by our current President and the Democratic candidate HRC, is spot on.

Now, here’s what cracks me up. Try doing a search on Obama’s ‘jive’ talking points of 7/22/16 and you’ll get some stories that say ‘jive’ and others that say ‘jibe’. Get it? Did you watch Obama’s lips move and hear him closely? He did not say ‘jibe’, he clearly said ‘jive’. So, why do some news organizations conveniently change it to ‘jibe’? I guess because they think ’jive’ sounds too black or ghetto or something skewed.  What a joke. Last time I saw a photo of the Gibb boys, they sure looked Caucasian to me.

But, the word ‘jibe’ does describe Obama a bit. Being a sailor, jibe is a maneuver used to turn the boat’s direction with the wind behind the helm. Sort of like changing things up with the wind at your back. Sounds like Obama to me. At least when he jibes, the wind will deliver the bad smell of his dealings right back at him!

The truth is: Trump jives and Obama jibes! Wake up Clinton supporters, she is more of the same.


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