Exposing Lies and Explaining Business Principles 101

American Waypoints has been a bit sidelined this summer. Fall is in the air and the time to return to blogging is here.

Well, looking a Facebook posts about last night’s Presidential Debate has me perplexed. I’m probably above average in intelligence, but ………………after seeing the utter stupidity in people’s comments and questions about Donald Trump’s business practices, I’m starting to think maybe I’m a certified genius.

Let’s take a look and figure some things out, shall we?

1.”Donald Trump admits he is under-leveraged!”.  In business, being under-leveraged is a good thing. It does not mean that he goes out of the house without wearing his underpants.

2. “Isn’t it terrible that he has filed multiple times for bankruptcy? How can he run our country?”  Filing for bankruptcy is not a crime. Here is a crime: lying to the FBI under oath. Here is another: destroying evidence in an investigation. Here’s a fact: our country is essentially bankrupt now. A shrewd and smart businessperson with an incredible team of advisors will have the skills needed to improve our financial position and reduce our national debt.

3. “Donald Trump pays no federal taxes!” Really? Of course he pays taxes. He employs many  people and his company must match social security for starters. Does anyone with a brain really think Trump has never paid any federal tax? In business, especially as a corporation, one tries to avoid being doubly taxed and uses every legal deduction to reduce tax liability and spend as little as possible. In light of the tremendous amount of wasteful government spending and over-entitlements, who can blame him? I did the same thing when I owned a corporate business.

4. “Wasn’t it lovely how Mrs. Clinton reassured our allies last night? Trump does not have the temperament to do that”.  Well, good. Anyone seen the movie or read the screenplay for “A Bronx Tale” by Chazz Palminteri? The best line in there is when Calogero asks Sonny :’It is better to be loved or feared? Sonny replies that it’s better to be both but if he had a choice he’s rather be feared”. Most of our allies, except Israel, have taken advantage of us and think we’re saps. I hope Trumps makes them respect and fear us ( a healthy fear).

5. “Trump is a racist”. Hillary Clinton is the one who called young black males ‘super predators’.

If you can’t figure any of this out and remain massively stupid, please do us all a favor and just stay home on polling day.




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