Hopelessness and Negativity, The Liberal Aim

The current First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, stated 2 days ago that “America is entering a period of hopelessness”. What a wonderful statement by a First Lady who rendered Frito-loving, soda drinking school children hopeless during lunch period.

This is the way liberals act when they lose: sore and without hope. This is the way liberals act when they win: negative and throwing shade at anyone who dares to disagree. Ungracious, demoralizing, bullying types these liberals are.

Liberals fail to see that America remains right of center, despite what they want you to believe. They got me. I was convinced that America had shifted left, way to the left. The cable news media, newspapers, celebrity posts and rants (i.e. Beyonce, Jon Stewart, Springsteen and so many others) , nearly fooled me into believing America had lost its core beliefs. Then I stopped listening to it. I started praying and believing that God would help America if we were willing to help ourselves and elect a new President who could turn our country back on course. I started paying attention to the tens of thousands who turned up for #MakeAmericaGreatAgain rallies, consistently, day after day, all over the USA. People like me got on their knees and asked God to help, campaigned, want to the voting booth, and elected Donald J. Trump.

So, Mrs. Obama, you are just wrong. America is entering a period of extraordinary hope and pride.

Speaking of pride, here’s where the negativity comes in. When liberals win on areas such as Same Sex Marriage, Gay Pride and similar issues, they start by openly criticizing those who disagree. In particular, they love to throw shade at Evangelical Christians. It’s not enough to celebrate their win, it has to be “how about those hateful——–(you fill in the blanks, with any person or organization who disagrees with them). If such an Evangelical Christian attempts to enter the conversation civilly, it doesn’t work out very well. Liberals have exactly zero tolerance for those who do not see the world their way. They try to bully you out of a conversation. The tolerance crowd is intolerant.

I’ve ‘lost’ in the POTUS elections the prior 4 cycles, not having voted for GWB nor Barry O. Now I’ve spouted off a bit about Barry, but in general, have sucked it up for 16 years and tolerated my liberal friends and other pals and family members loyal to all-things- Bush, with patience and politeness.

I’d like the losers to suck it up, be civil, and stick it out. I’d like liberals to show tolerance to those with conservative values. After all, there are more of us, and we’re nice.








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