Public Temper Tantrums and Bible-Quoting Senators

Are you watching the Senate Confirmation hearings? Yesterday Dr. Tom Price, Trump’s pick to head up HHS, was treated to one of the Dem Senator’s quoting scripture, intended to admonish him. What a charade. SO, this fine Senator chose a passage from Matthew 25: of the Parable regarding the sheep and the goats. I guess the Senator thinks Dr. Price is a goat.

Clearly Jesus wants us to feed, provide drink and clothing to the poor. What we do for the least, we do for him. Dr. Price knows this too. But he thinks, as American Waypoints does, that these are individual mandates, not necessarily guidelines for government.  We need to get as much as we can out of federal government control and shift to local and individual responsibility. That is what the Bible is telling us. Trump is proposing block grants to the states for Medicaid, not stopping Medicaid. The federal government cannot and should not do it all. The many liberals screaming in the streets, wearing their genitalia on their heads, can donate to food banks, volunteer at nursing homes, makes clothes for the needy, give money to organizations which help people in legitimate need pay their bills. Churches do it all the time: many have food banks, Deacon Funds, etc. If those same Senators and crazy folks wearing their labia majora and minora on their heads want to have abortion clinics funded, they can put their money where their heart is: donate to Planned Parenthood if you love it so much. The US government doesn’t have to. And, stop using scripture to justify your false ‘nanny-government’ doctrines.

The bible is there to guide our lives individually, in the hopes that we will move closer to God and live by his commands as a people. Now here is scripture from the Old Testament that sure applies to what’s happening right now: Proverbs 29: v11 “A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.” How about those apples, marching women and anti-Trump zealots? Don’t you think I wanted to charter a plane, fly to the BVIs yesterday, hire a taxi  to take me to where Obama and wife are vacationing and ask him for a 220 million dollar refund to the American taxpayer for the sneaky little donation he made during the last hours of his Presidency to Palestine?  I would have gladly wrung his neck in the process, but I, unlike you, can control my rage.

So, here is one more scripture, in parting, that applies to another individual: our new POTUS: Proverbs 29, v12 “If a ruler listens to lies, all his officials become wicked”. Trump, tho not a ruler but President of a democracy, refuses to listen to the lies of the media. This is why Sean Spicer comes out swinging every day. Trump will not allow lies and filth to infiltrate his office. Hurray.









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