Jim Comey–my Favorite Homey–& other Bizarre Executive Branchers of the Past

If you’ve lived long enough, and paid some attention to government, you’ve seen more than a few bizarre members serving our Executive Branch. Whew, Comey really hit it out of the park today in terms of overall weirdness. Some of the stuff he seemed actually proud of….like leaking private details about a POTUS meeting to a friend after a Trump tweet which caused him concern in the middle of the night. You’re a man-baby, Jimmy. And seeming shocked that Trump invited him to dinner and ‘surely there will be others there’..golly it was just me and HIM. As if this has never happened before (not that it should, but you know it has occurred in other Administrations surely.).

For those of you so shocked and dismayed over what you feel is so terrible about our current Administration—-get a grip on reality by taking a trip down memory lane. Before I start, let me state that what we have now is an imperfect man, yet the greatest POTUS of my lifetime. A true man, strong, loving America and working for the American people. But here is a short list of some truly dismal past Exec. Branch public servants:

  1. Dick Nixon…….need I say more…..so I won’t
  2. Al Haig: Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan. Who remembers…I do! I do!…..nutty ole Al Haig running into the White House briefing room after poor POTUS Reagan was shot, all huffy and puffy, grabbing the mic (no wireless in those days) , and re-assuring us that HE was in charge here! Oh yes, the famous chain of command yelled out by Haig: it’s the President, then the Vice President, then the Secretary of State…………………………………..whaaaaa?  Did he say ‘Speaker of the House’? No honey.
  3. W.  Yes, that W. You know, the son of George Herbert Walker. The big government spender and signer of No Child Left Behind and other disasters. The one who authorized Operation Iraqi Freedom largely based on a lie (no weapons of mass destruction ever found), motivated by ‘Saddam Hussein threatened to kill my daddy’, and justified by the ridiculous idea that we could achieve Democracy in Iraq and magically–it would spread into other countries of the Middle East. At least 4K American deaths,  over 30K wounded, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths…..The big thing I disagree with Trump on is HRC being the creator of ISIS: maybe W really is. No plan for how to handle things in Iraq after toppling the government. Chaos, instability, nothing good came from this. Our dear soldiers are not to blame.
  4. George Tenet: CIA Director under Bill and W: the guy responsible for knowingly submitting a false report to Colin Powell on Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction, presented to the United Nations. Shame.
  5. Rummy: Sec of Defense under W, totally mismanaged the use of military in the Iraq war, and ideologue of having US Elite/Small military. Cool idea, but it didn’t work. But he does love dachshunds at least.
  6. Paul Bremer: I’m not sure of his official title, but directly involved or in charge of Iraqi strategy under W: somehow found a way to de-BAATH the remaining Iraqi government and authorize withdrawal of too many troops way too, etc. A total screw-up causing mass destabilization and paving the way for radical ideologist terrorism to move in. I don’t know how he managed to do this without others like Condi Rice, Rumsfeld or others knowing about it beforehand, but check the history books. It happened. Don’t know how this guy sleeps at night.

This list could be longer, but you get the idea. Kind of makes what is going on now pale in comparison. What came out in the hearing today is bizarre, and rather pale. Good night.