There’s No Excusing Slavery, But Don’t Use it as an Excuse to Hate America!

You’ve decided to take a knee, burn a flag, turn your back, and lock arms, spit and whatever else…because America is no good.   Gender and Racial inequality are the main reasons, going way back to the slave-owning Founding Fathers. How can one respect a country built on such atrocity?

There is no excusing slavery. The history of oppression and slavery in America is shameful.

But that is no excuse to use slavery as a reason to abandon and disrespect America. Nearly all, if not all kingdoms and sovereign nations were built on slavery or other forms of oppression, exploitation, power over-reach, etc. You wish to move to a country without such a history? Good luck finding one. Ancient Babylon, Egypt, China, the Roman Empire, slave trading nations such as France, the Dutch Netherlands, Spain and Portugal, the West Indies, Australia, even Canada are all guilty of it. What about England and its role in the slave business? American slaves came by way of Great Britain in horrendous condition aboard ships, originating in West and North Africa having been sold by Arab and Islamic brokers. Yeppers. The Muslims that you political correct zealots fight so hard to protect have unclean hands in the slave business.

Here’s what makes America different: first, not all of the Founding Fathers held slaves: John Adams, for example. Those that did acknowledged it was unjust and strove to find a path to end it. Second, the Fathers were great thinkers and some also extraordinary writers: Thomas Jefferson, for example. They founded America on the premise that all men were born equal and with God-given rights. Get it? Not Constitution-given or Declaration of Independence-given… but God-given rights. The Constitution guarantees and protects certain God-given rights. Bingo. That is where America got it right and from the inception of its formation. We haven’t always done good and have experienced periods of disgrace, but America stands for freedom, individual liberty and justice for all, under God. By putting and keeping God first, America will always prevail.