Colored People (Red, White and Blue, that is) in the USA

It’s Martin Luther King Day in America. It’s also a time many call their President racist for possibly using  derogatory curse words toward governments of third world countries. MLK fought valiantly and fruitfully for racial equality and was a flawed man. Dr. King was known to have many a liaison outside the marriage institution and seemed a bit of a sex addict. Yet that was overlooked in favor of the civil rights causes he championed. POTUS Trump is also a flawed man, known for fruitful language and a twitter obsession, but it is never overlooked yet used to distract and overshadow the amazing accomplishments he has achieved for America in 11 months and 3 weeks.

Now who is being racist?  I say it is the people attempting to inflict that hated term on Trump and his supporters. Hasn’t America abolished slavery, segregation, suppression of the black population? Haven’t we moved past viewing the black population as inferior to whites and other races? Didn’t we freely elect a POTUS of mixed race and have others of black, yellow and brown in key positions within the SCOTUS, the Legislature, Executive Cabinet? Aren’t we all considered to be colored people in America…meaning of the red, white and blue?

Racism exists primarily in individuals that view themselves as White Nationalists or belong to organizations that views themselves superior to other races. Prejudice, on the other hand…if we humble ourselves to be forthright, exists in all of us. It is part of human nature and sinful, but it’s there in every color. American colored people (red, white and blue, that is) are prejudiced. But that does not make one a racist.

POTUS Trump is not a racist nor are those that voted for him. He provides equal opportunity in his business organization and his Presidency for folks of all races. What he IS, is a Nationalist. Nationalism is not racism. He is looking out for America by enforcing the values and principles set in 1776 , to preserve our sovereignty. He doesn’t want immigrants  that are against American values, that have no desire to contribute their skills and add to our success or those who wish to cause us harm. The alleged ‘shit-hole’ comments referred to countries and their government, not individual people.  And we have no proof he actually said that, yet he is known for flawed language. It might be nice if people overlooked that in favor of the good he has done, like they do for Dr. King.

As Americans, red/white/blue colored people, we need to stop playing the tired race card–it’s old news. Racism has been virtually eliminated, thanks in large part to Dr. King. Prejudice, sadly, seems alive and well in Red White and Blue America. Our current POTUS faces it every hour of every day.


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