Jive (or is it’Jibe”) Talkin, He’s Telling you Lies

The Brothers Gibb, commonly known as the Bee Gees, released a record called “Jive Talkin” in 1975. Years later, on July 22, 2016, President Obama produced something similar. You know the talking point, remember? It went like this:” Donald J Trump’s vision for America doesn’t jive with reality”.

Without having to wait 41 years for more jive talkin’, mere minutes after the words left Obama’s lips, news of a terrorist gunman killing innocent people in Munich broke. Within days, before and after the Obama jive talk there were police killings in many cities.

So here are the facts of America’s reality: our country isn’t safe, our borders are dangerously unprotected, our military has been drained, jobs have left the US, our schools in the public sector push dangerous liberal agendas, our police are being targeted and killed, our economy has a miserable 1% job growth rate, Christian persecution in other countries is ignored, on and on and on.

In truth, Donald Trump’s assessment of the current state of America, as well as knowing the vision of a globalist weak America held by our current President and the Democratic candidate HRC, is spot on.

Now, here’s what cracks me up. Try doing a search on Obama’s ‘jive’ talking points of 7/22/16 and you’ll get some stories that say ‘jive’ and others that say ‘jibe’. Get it? Did you watch Obama’s lips move and hear him closely? He did not say ‘jibe’, he clearly said ‘jive’. So, why do some news organizations conveniently change it to ‘jibe’? I guess because they think ’jive’ sounds too black or ghetto or something skewed.  What a joke. Last time I saw a photo of the Gibb boys, they sure looked Caucasian to me.

But, the word ‘jibe’ does describe Obama a bit. Being a sailor, jibe is a maneuver used to turn the boat’s direction with the wind behind the helm. Sort of like changing things up with the wind at your back. Sounds like Obama to me. At least when he jibes, the wind will deliver the bad smell of his dealings right back at him!

The truth is: Trump jives and Obama jibes! Wake up Clinton supporters, she is more of the same.


Signs and Wonders, and Two Founding Fathers

If you happen to be of the Christian Protestant persuasion, particularly Baptist or non-denominational, you’ve been presented with 2 theological stances: continuist vs cessasionist belief. It all has to do with miracles, signs and wonders, charismatic practices, etc. I don’t know which is right. The church I belong to is of the cessasionist camp: that all signs and wonders ceased when Christ was sanctified and that they no longer exist. These signs and wonders took place during the time of Adam and Eve, with Noah, Moses, David, all through the New Testament and including the ascension of Jesus Christ. I’m sure my description  is over-simplified,  but those are the nuts and bolts. I believe this too, well, for the most part. When special things happen, good and bad, friends will say ‘there are no co-incidences’. I don’t buy into that. I’m not one that thinks God is up in the sky pulling switches and levers.  All that magic and miraculous stuff is done, but once in a great while, I do believe things occur that are just too extraordinary to explain. Maybe God slips on in every few hundred years or so…..?


Where am I going with this? Well, do you believe that the United States of America is a nation favored by God? I know it sounds arrogant. It’s hard for me to believe that the current state of affairs in our country brings God much pleasure. But an amazing sign and wonder occurred on July 4, 1826 that has always made me believe  God showed us his approval of the way in which our country was formed as One Nation under God.


You know that date in history, not just the Fourth of July, the birthday of our nation’s independence, but a particular Fourth of July in 1826, when our two remaining founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died within 5 hours of each other. Not just dying on the same day, but on the Fourth of July, which was also the 50th anniversary of our Independence. Coincidence? No way. That was from God. Can I get an ‘Amen’?

We’ve Been Obam-admonished Again!

Oh dear, did you see it on the press conference the other day? The one about the Orlando shootings? Our dad is really mad this time.


Dad/Mr. President was wearing that look on his face: the thin lips pressed together and spread out in a straight line, the furrowed brows, and fury in his eyes and…my personal favorite…..the blinking. A hard stare with those hard lips and silence while blinking, blinking, blinking, blinking away. Tick tock tick tock, winkin, blinkin and …bomb! The silence stops and the speaking begins and,oh, no,  we’ve been Obam-admonished once again!


Why, you ask? Because it’s our fault the folks in Orlando were shot. We are the mean American people who allowed this to happen. We’ve been really bad peeps this time. Right?


We are not to blame. If we need to attach blame, let’s pin it on: Satan, the shooter, maybe his wife, maybe his dad, ISIS, fundamental Islamic belief that homosexuality should be punished, our current administration’s inept job of fighting ISIS, ISIL, radical Islamic terrorism, etc. And while we’re at it, I do think it is important to correctly name and identify what type of group of terrorists we are facing, to correctly and precisely solve the problem.


Are guns the problem?  No way. Don’t even get me started.

Here are the takeaways, from my perspective:


  1. Live in a state of grace. Have a relationship with god and accept Jesus as your lord and savior. Whatever happens, you will be saved from your sin through Jesus’ sacrifice. OK, if you’re Buddhist, Muslim, or of another faith I have to ask: did your Buddha, Mohamed or whomever the central figurehead is, give up his or her life for your sins?
  2. Avoid risky places and activity. Yes, I think being in a nightclub at 2:00am does nothing good for the body, mind and soul. I don’t care what type of nightclub it is. It happened to be a gay club. I’m not going to  make judgements on being gay. That is an individual thing between a person and God. If you like to attend clubs, movie theaters, public events, make sure there are good safety screeners and detectors.
  3. Acknowledge that the world is a dangerous place. We are ultimately responsible for our own safety and protection. We cannot rely on the government, the military and the police to come to our immediate aide at any given moment.
  4. Exercise your Second Amendment rights. Apply for a firearm permit if you are lawfully permitted to have one. Get one and learn to use if safely and responsibly. Keep it in your home or on your person according to the laws. Be armed and ready to protect yourself and your loved ones.
  5. Do not accept the President’s scorn, petulance and admonishment.
  6.  Pray.

God Bless the USA.


Memorial Day 101

It gets a little confusing, doesn’t it? Veterans Day, Memorial Day, one in the spring, the other in the fall and not always sure what the difference is. Does it matter anyway?


It matters plenty to everyone who loves America and feels a debt of gratitude to those who serve our country in the Armed Forces.


Memorial Day is a national holiday set aside to honor deceased members of the US Armed Forces. Not dead veterans but those who died while serving our country in active duty.  Originally it was called Decoration Day, established in the year 1868 and the month of May chosen for it as flowers grow abundantly in all parts of the US then. The idea was to place flowers on the graves of the war dead.


Here is another thought: this can include not just humans but animals who served in our wars. There were many from horses, to elephants, dogs, birds, etc.


Take some time this Monday, May 30, to remember and honor those who lost their lives for ours. Try to imagine the bravery, mental and physical toughness, focus and concentration these folks had to summon. Lives abruptly ended, most in their youth. Parents, sweethearts, friends left behind.


I am a pretty steely gal, but doubt I have one tenth of what it took for these men and women to serve and be willing to give everything for our freedom.


Moving on to November 11, Veterans Day, we continue to honor those who have served our country but are still living as well as those who died as veterans, after their active duty ended. This holiday originally began as Armistice Day.


If readers have a different understanding of these two holidays, I welcome corrections and clarifications in the comment section.  Thanks to the troops and their families and may God continue to Bless America.


Civility and No-Curse Zones

Well, No-Go Zones seem to be the cool thing in Europe, but you see how not-so-well those have fared. I have idea: how about No-Curse Zones! Yes, and how about extending them everywhere!


Cursing is just so…..let me see…..uncivilized. It is for people who are sloppy and like to take the easy way in life. Cursing is so…easy isn’t it? Someone cuts you off on the road or is rude and it just makes you want to say “hey a—ho—e” or something like that.  And it even feels good to do it. But only for that moment, then you feel a little diminished afterward. It’s similar to eating a big ice cream sundae which is so much easier than making a salad, tastes phenomenal, then afterward you feel like a brick.


So, here’s what I’ve decided to do in my own life: Disclaimer: I’ve cursed aplenty, even like a sailor, until a few years ago when I decided it just wasn’t cool. And that it didn’t honor God. While we’re at it, the worst of the worst cursing is using the name of the lord in vain: ‘God-this; Jesus-that’, etc. Just say no to that. Back to what I’ve decided to do: our home is a no-curse zone. I extend this to the areas I inhabit at work and in public as well.


Here’s how it usually goes: I’m in the grocery store in the meat section. Some Staten Island-looking guy (sorry) comes over, looks down at the packaged meat and says “Holy Ch—st, look at the price of that fu—ing steak, and it probably tastes like sh—t too”. He looks at me for a response and he gets one. “Friend”, say I, “you don’t have to buy it and also you don’t have to use such foul (or should I say ‘fowl’ since we’re still in the meat department!) language’. Whoa, the guy gets every one of his neck hairs standing on end and says “FREEDOM OF SPEECH, LADY!!!!” And storms off, until, that is, I manage to follow him and explain that I do not surrender my unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence and that his language is definitely not making me happy at all. I doubt the argument would stand a chance legally, but the Staten Island-looking guy will not forget this encounter. Maybe he will think twice before doing it again?


Moving on to the workplace where I routinely withstand a professional veterinary employee, Catholic indeed, ‘Jesus Chri—ting” and ‘God dam—ing” every minute or so. As I am not an employee of this establishment (I provide volunteer, pro-bono specialty care to animals at the facility), I am unfamiliar with workplace policy and when asked, am told that cursing in non-public areas is allowed. Wow. Okay, here is the beauty of volunteering: when I go to this site, it becomes MY workplace and I now carry a sign on my bag that states “My Workplace is a Curse-Free Zone”. When Miss Catholic- potty- mouth begins one of her rants, I just cough and point to my sign. She is learning not to use these offensive phrases when I am around, but is no longer friendly to me. Oh well.


If you find cursing at home, at work and in public to be offensive, I encourage you to try these methods. Alternative ideas are gratefully received in the comments section below! Legally, of course, the First Amendment protects cursing, unless it can be proven to inflict injury or incite immediate breach of peace.


There are so many things in life beyond our control, but thankfully, we always have the ability to choose our words, whether spoken or written. With awareness, patience and practice, I encourage everyone to take the harder route of using civil language and enjoy the liberty it brings!





Stupid is…as Stupid Does…per Forrest Gump

Mayors of London and Paris, Sadiq Khan and Ann Hildago, have decided together, as the arrogant elitists they are, that Donald J. Trump is stupid. “He is so stupid, my God”, says Hildago. I guess her mother never taught her that taking the Lord’s name in vain is pretty STUPID.

Let me tell Mayor Hildago what is STUPID: Charlie Hebdo making fun of Muhammad. Gee, why did the terrorists attack? Free speech is a double-edged sword and I guess Paris found out what edge of the sword they fell on. I abhor what the terrorists did and hope God deals with them justly, but why provoke in such a way this satirical weekly chose to? Just plain stupid. There are good people who follow Muhammad, though I am surely not one. Frankly, I have no respect whatsoever for Muhammad–he did not lay down his life for me, a sinner, nor was he a peace-loving guy as my dear Savior, Jesus . But to mock him with cartoons, insult his followers…STUPID.

Here is something  else that is really STUPID: allowing No-Go Zones in Paris and other European cities. STUPID.

So here is a news flash for these 2 new mayors who are so full of themselves: Donald J Trump is more successful than both of you put together, plus all of your ancestors. And, he is not STUPID. He is a Nationalist, and a supporter of the Republic for which the USA stands. Maybe these mayors will get it when they see our country regain its foothold after the near destruction of Obama’s ideology. We do not want to be part of your ONE WORLD ORDER, Europe! We are the USA, willing to participate in God’s created earth, but prepared to take care of ourselves and defend our values first. We already won our independence from England and we’ve helped the French in their times of need and surely will again, but we do not need lessons from your mayors. Watch us elect a President, Donald J. Trump, who is smart, savvy and for America first.

Keep criticizing our nominee and watch American tourism diminish in your respective cities. Add that to your box of chocolates!


Selective Censorship When They Can’t Handle the Truth

“You can’t HANDLE the truth!” Remember that great line expertly delivered by Jack Nicholson in the movie A Few Good Men? It was an awesome moment. It translates from Hollywood easily into our daily network news organizations too.


Take Fox News: here is public display of selective censorship, when the higher-ups can’t handle the truth from some of their pundits. The latest fallout: the lovely, bright and talented Andrea Tantaros, host of Outnumbered. Dang, they suspended her suddenly last week and she was the best part of the show! Why? Don’t buy the hype about contract disputes, it’s pretty obvious that it’s about her plain speech, pro-Trump. Oh, and she said a few great zingers about Obama too. On Fox, it’s NOT OKAY to like Trump, unless you’re Hannity or Van Susteren, each of whom own their brand and have staying power. Otherwise, Fox is still reeling from their failed push to elect Rubio, so anyone other than Sean and Greta, is going south if they speak in favor of Trump. It’s okay to censor Tantaros you see, but fine to let the androgenous, liberal -leaning, David Bowie- wanna- be- Trump hater Missy Missy Meggy Kelly have free reign of speech. It’s selective censorship.


Now, over on CNN they have the same thing going on: no one is allowed more freedom to rant ‘anti-Trump’ than my favorite radical, Czar-not Star-Van Jones. Whew! Watching this guy is pretty entertaining! Remember when Obama made him the ‘Green Jobs Czar’? That didn’t last long. This guy is a bomb ready to explode and CNN lets him go full-tilt. The best was a few weeks ago when he was arguing with Jeffrey Lord over which party is stoking racial tensions. Whoa, Van surely cannot handle that truth! He was literally losing it and actually put his hand on Lord’s shoulder, a very aggressive move. Well, Lord was the better man and ignored it. Don’t EVER put a hand on me Van.


If you’re pro-Trump, you get censored.  If you’re anti-Trump, the sky’s the limit. Selective censorship.


Now back to Fox, the best place to be if you’re pro-Trump  and don’t wish to be axed, is the play-it-safe-zone that Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee and Rudy Guilliani have placed themselves in. (‘we aren’t endorsing him but we sure like him’).

Finally, there is our Speaker Paul Ryan. He is selectively censoring himself: “I’m not there right now”. Isn’t that convenient? It’s one thing to be controlled by a network news organization that holds your contract, but here’s an elected guy who works for the American people!


You watch, the Megyn/Meghan’s (Kelly/McCain) of Fox world and the Radical Jones of CNN will be allowed free speech, but Ms. Tantaros gets the sack…..but in the end Andrea will land on a higher place. She is the author of a new book and that is a place where you can’t be censored!